10 Must-Visit Cycling Routes Around the World

Cycling is more than a mode of transportation or a form of exercise – it’s a unique way to explore the world. Whether you’re an adventurous mountain biker or a long-distance road cyclist, there are stunning bike trails waiting for you in every corner of the globe.

Here are ten must-visit cycling routes around the world that offer breathtaking views and thrilling rides.

1. Route des Grandes Alpes, France

Spanning from Lake Geneva to the sandy shores of the Mediterranean, the Route des Grandes Alpes is a bucket list ride for any serious cyclist.

The 684-kilometer route takes you over 16 mountain passes, offering awe-inspiring views of the French Alps. Despite its challenging nature, the beauty and diversity of the landscapes make this journey an unforgettable experience.

2. Shimanami Kaido, Japan

One of Japan’s most picturesque cycling routes, the Shimanami Kaido, extends approximately 70 kilometers, linking the main island of Honshu to the island of Shikoku.

Cyclists traverse six smaller islands in the Seto Inland Sea, crossing magnificent suspension bridges and enjoying spectacular coastal views. The route is mostly flat and well-marked, making it suitable for riders of all levels.

3. Carretera Austral, Chile

The Carretera Austral is a challenging, beautiful 1,240-kilometer route that travels through the heart of Chilean Patagonia.

The path encompasses various landscapes, including turquoise rivers, dense forests, and towering glaciers. It’s an unspoiled wilderness that will take your breath away.

4. Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, USA/Canada

Stretching over 4,418 kilometers from Banff, Canada, to Antelope Wells, New Mexico, this trail is the longest off-pavement cycling route in the world.

The route follows the Continental Divide and is defined by long, isolated stretches, wild mountain passes, and sweeping vistas.

5. Munda Biddi Trail, Australia

Meaning “path through the forest” in the Noongar Aboriginal language, the Munda Biddi Trail is a serene, 1,000-kilometer journey through Western Australia’s stunning backcountry.

From vast valleys to towering eucalyptus forests, this trail offers an unforgettable adventure down under.

6. Otago Central Rail Trail, New Zealand

This 152-kilometer trail on New Zealand’s South Island follows the former route of the Otago Central Railway.

Along the way, cyclists pass through historic gold-mining villages, verdant farmland, and dramatic rocky landscapes. It’s a journey through time as much as it is a cycling adventure.

7. Cape Town Cycle Tour, South Africa

The world’s largest timed cycling event, the Cape Town Cycle Tour, follows a 109-kilometer route around South Africa’s stunning Cape Peninsula.

From the vibrant cityscape of Cape Town to the rugged cliffs of Chapman’s Peak, this route offers a diverse array of landscapes to marvel at.

8. La Farola, Cuba

La Farola is considered one of Cuba’s engineering marvels. This road winds its way from the city of Baracoa over the mountains to the southern coast of the island.

The ride offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and the lush greenery of the Cuban landscape.

9. The Death Road, Bolivia

For those looking for an adrenaline rush, North Yungas Road, also known as “The Death Road,” is a must-try. This 64-kilometer trail goes from La Paz to Coroico and descends over 3,600 meters.

Despite its grim reputation, the road attracts thousands of thrill-seekers every year, all eager for the ride of a lifetime.

10. The Ring of Kerry, Ireland

The Ring of Kerry is a 179-kilometer loop in County Kerry, a jewel in the crown of Ireland’s scenic landscapes.

The route takes cyclists past pristine beaches, rugged islands, medieval ruins, and charming villages. It’s a celebration of Irish history and beauty at every turn.

Whether you are seeking a challenge, craving an adventure, or just wanting to experience beautiful landscapes, these cycling routes offer something for everyone. They remind us that sometimes, the journey is just as important as the destination. So, gear up, hop on your bike, and start exploring!

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