Zipp Launches Tyre-Friendly 1Zero Hitop XC Wheelsets with Upgraded TyreWiz Sensors

Zipp steps up the game in cross-country racing gear with the release of its 1Zero Hitop wheelsets. These wheels are not only lightweight and designed for the rigorous demands of cross-country racing but also come with the advanced TyreWiz 2.0 pressure sensors for real-time tire pressure monitoring, ensuring a blend of performance, comfort, and tire safety on the trails.

Pedaling for a Cause: Shem Bitterman and the WGA ‘Bike The Strike’ Initiative

Shem Bitterman, a seasoned film industry professional, alongside his comrades, channeled the power of pedals to traverse picket lines during the WGA strike, creating a rolling ripple of advocacy across LA. This narrative unfolds the unique camaraderie and the vibrant rides that not only voiced writers’ demands but also celebrated the city’s picturesque routes, enriching the labor discourse with a tinge of adventure and community spirit.

Bicycle-Friendly Cities: A Global Tour

Around the globe, many cities are investing in infrastructure and initiatives that promote cycling as a viable and sustainable mode of transportation. In this blog post, we will embark on a virtual tour to visit some of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. 1. Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen is often hailed as the most bicycle-friendly … Read more

How to Improve Your Cycling Skills

Cycling is an enjoyable and rewarding activity whether you ride casually or are training for a competition. However, if you’ve been bitten by the cycling bug and want to move from being a casual rider to a more dedicated cycling enthusiast, there are several ways to improve your skills. This guide will give you practical … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Road Cycling

Getting started with road cycling can seem a bit overwhelming at first. From buying your first road bike to understanding the rules of the road, there’s quite a bit to learn. This beginner’s guide to road cycling will help you get started on your two-wheeled journey. Choosing Your First Road Bike The first thing you’ll … Read more

Cycling Gear Essentials: What Every Cyclist Needs

Whether you’re a beginner cyclist or an experienced rider, having the right gear can make your ride safer, more comfortable, and, of course, more fun. This list covers all the must-have gear every cyclist needs. 1. Bicycle Helmet Safety should be your top priority when cycling. A helmet is essential to protect your head in … Read more