Zipp Launches Tyre-Friendly 1Zero Hitop XC Wheelsets with Upgraded TyreWiz Sensors

Zipp has introduced its new 1Zero Hitop wheelsets, engineered to cater to the growing needs of cross-country racers, promising a blend of lightness, comfort, and tyre compatibility which is a step ahead of traditional carbon wheels.

Although the wheelsets are fine-tuned for cross-country racing, Zipp ensures they are sturdy enough to endure the challenges of trail riding on bikes with up to 130mm of travel.

Key Takeaways from the Zipp 1Zero Hitop SW Wheelsets Launch

  • Specifically crafted for cross-country (XC) riding and racing.
  • Box-section rim design, diverging from the single wall rim seen in the earlier Zipp 3ZERO Moto wheelset.
  • The wheelsets are lightweight, with a claimed weight of 1,325g for the pair.
  • The top-end 1Zero Hitop SW (£2,000) comes with the upgraded TyreWiz 2.0 tyre pressure sensors.
  • The more budget-friendly 1Zero Hitop S wheelset is priced at £1,400, and while it uses the same rim, it comes with cheaper hubs and excludes the TyreWiz sensors.

Detailed Insights into the 1Zero Hitop SW Wheelsets’ Construction

The newly designed 1Zero Hitop carbon rim adopts an asymmetric, box-section profile which is a departure from the single wall design of the trail/enduro 3ZERO Moto rims. The wheelsets come with a hookless rim bead, and feature smooth ‘wings’ around 4mm thick. According to Zipp, this rounded, smooth hookless design aims to spread out impact force, lessening the likelihood of severe tyre failure. The rims are constructed to be more compliant as they can deform upon impact, potentially enhancing rider comfort, traction, and impact absorption.

Zipp attributes this innovation to the unique carbon layup used in crafting the new rims. The wheelsets are broader than most contemporary XC wheelsets with a width of 30mm, and are recommended to be paired with tyres ranging from 2.3 to 2.5 inches wide.

Hub Design and Features

The top-tier 1Zero Hitop SW wheelset encases Zipp’s new ZM2 SL hubs, offering 66 points of engagement, mirroring the engagement points of Zipp’s ZR1 road hubs. On the other hand, the 1Zero Hitop S wheelset utilizes Zipp’s ZM900 hubs with a four-pawl system offering 52 points of engagement. Both versions offer either XD-Driver or Microspline freehub options, catering to rider preferences.

TyreWiz 2.0 – A Noteworthy Addition

The premium 1Zero Hitop SW wheelset is accompanied by the newly updated TyreWiz 2.0 air pressure gauges, providing real-time tyre pressure monitoring. These compact units are integrated into the valve, resting flush on the inside of the rim, and indicate whether the tyres are at the desired pressure through color-coded blinking lights. The updated version claims better accuracy and more adaptability to various rim shapes, making tire pressure monitoring a breeze.

Overview of the Range

The 1Zero Hitops carbon wheels are available in two models – the higher-end ‘SW’ and the more budget-friendly ‘S’ model. Both models share the same rim design but vary in hubs, spoke count, and included extras.

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